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Film and Photography at Fusse

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Whether you’re looking to film a music video, instructional video or product presentations or demonstrations, Fusse Studios provides all of the elements to have a successful video or photo shoot. Whether you’re shooting a video to display on the web or looking to create videos to feature your product or service, Fusse Studios has all your video location requirements covered. We offer a large seamless infinity wall which is a 33’ x 13’ Full Cove Cyclorama wall with 16ft ceilings with Vestial wire gallery lighting. If you require different lighting, you may bring your own equipment, or work with our Concierge Service Team to assist you in renting the equipment you need.

We are located in an emerging neighborhood in Miami called MIMO which offers amazing backdrops and locations for video or film shoots.   We provide well lit professional makeup stations with director’s chairs for your models, makeup artists and stylists to situate themselves. We also provide rolling clothes racks. We also offer a state-of-the-art high definition sound system if your video requires background sounds or music. We have multiple large flat screens to run videos or for gaming. In addition, we have an elevated DJ booth located above the entry lounge which offers a touch-screen Sony Vaio computer, an electronic keyboard, and controls for the projector, TV’s and our high definition sound system.  

Fusse Studios offers Concierge services to assist you when time is of the essence, and you need a few extra hands to help meet your schedule. Share your video equipment needs with us and the Fusse team will help coordinate everything with you.  

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